How do I Loathe Thee?  Let me count the ways

Drunken Master

SCORE:  6Beers

Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger star in this teen-aged comedy romanaromp. There are several other actors/actresses that plop on screen to fulfill the acting duties of others on the roster. This basically is a Shakespearean redo of Taming of the Shrew…..of which of course Stiles is the Shrew. Let me tame her dammit, I have a whip, chair and a collar for her! Behave foul mistress lest I spatter your hinney with further whippings from my lash. This review of course is to replace the one that I am firmly in belief that I unintentionally deleted while trying to hack the site and update the Cult of the Insane Corporate Daddy. Fuck I’m drunk you pissant mother fuckers. Anyways we get the Levitt kid from Third Rock from the Sun who’s hot after this Mickey mouse chick…….She may not be but shit if I know where she’s from. Anyways rebel lad and shrew bitch fall in love, Dogs and Cats live together, and Saddam and Jesus shake hands on the way up the stairway of heaven. RAMBLE ON!!!!!