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Here is the lowdown on how our review systems and abbreviations work.

Here are the abbreviations for the staff and their individual rating system.

Rating Scale = 1-10 Points.  10 is the best score.

Rating Scale = 1-24 Beers.  1 is the high mark.  The more beer you have to drink to get through the film, the worse the film must be.

Rating Scale = 0-4 Stars.   4 is the maximum rating.

Rating Scale = A-F Grade.  Just like in school.

Here are the universal ratings that everyone gives.

= Thumbs Up.  It's a recommendation to see or to buy the film.  If you do buy, we always recommend DVD if it's available. 

= Thumbs Down.  It's not too good.  If you see/buy the film, we warned you.  The film is marginal at best.  At least rent it before you buy.

= The Finger.  This means it sucks ass.  This film is a pile of shit.  Under no circumstances would it be recommended for viewing or buying.

Here are the awards that represent what we think as a group about a movie.

All films strive for this GOD like state.

The Homer is an award for the movie that could have been SO much better.

When the video, sound, & extras for a DVD meet our high standards. (lol)

This is what it takes to make it through some movies.  Not always bad.

Sometimes the scenery is almost worth the price of admission.

ET, No. 5, all those little critters at the end of Close Encounters... stupid space monkeys that need to be clubbed in the head.

When a film contains questionable content, but that content seems to add to the flavor of the film.

Sometimes staff opinions differ widely.  One man's treasure is another man's garbage.

For the movie that is so bad that it should be flushed.

For religious counsel see:

Lord Alex Chiu
The official god of Movie Pit.

Muad' Diesel
Prophet of the Lord Alex Chiu


Jesus (Christians have succeeded in defeating Jesus!  For his site is no more!)
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