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  Darth Buzz

Rating Scale = 1-10 Points.  10 is the best score. 

RETIRED Buzz is no longer a contributing factor except guest appearances at Malls and Book signing events.


  Jurassic Mark

Rating Scale = 0-4 Stars.   4 is the maximum rating.  (Editor's Note -- JM is known to spout homemade  poetry instead of reviewing a film, from time to time.)

Like Coors Lite, Jurassic Mark is also pure and born in the mountains.  He keeps himself chaste by drinking only rain water and grain alcohol.  JM is the only critic at Movie Pit with any showbiz experience.  He is that actor whose name you can't recall who starred in that movie with that other guy who was in JFK.



Drunken Master  (DM is now the Editor of this site)

Rating Scale = 1-24 Beers.  1 is the high mark.  The more beer you have to drink to get through the film, the worse the film must be.  (Editor's Note -- This allows DM to go where no one else dares to go.) 

Drunken Master's column:

Randolph Carter

Rating Scale = A-F Grade (Editor's Note -- He's the hostess with the mostess.)

Here is what RC spends his time doing. (instead of reviewing films)

Randolph Carter's column here at the Movie Pit