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Some original artwork by RC.  (So you can get in touch with the REAL Randolph Carter.)

His continuing fascination with the Nazi Party. 

Oh my!  Guess what he's sucking?

The latest Star Wars comments from RC.

I'm generally silent because I hate you fucking guys. Seriously, there's a major generation gap happening here and it seems to be getting worse. All this Star Wars force shit, working with fatties, and color scheme suggestions doesn't make a whole lot of sense to a man my age. Auschwitz Lad*, go back to your work at Toys "R" Us, or wherever the hell it is your employed, and leave me alone.

*Editor's Note:  Auschwitz Lad is another name for Drunken Master.

Here's an e-mail I (Darth Buzz) got from Randolph Carter when he found out about the perks of working at Movie Pit.


I get my own office? Fuck me! I better start changing my ways and reviewing everything I can. Holy shit, my own goddamned office. I'll be reviewing a few just as soon as I finish bathing with Jesus. That may take a while.

Yours truly,

Curry Carter