The 13th Warrior


Fear reigns.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 4 Beers

I could whip out a bunch of examples or greatness, but that would be wayside to my real review. This movie could be said by most respected and acknowledged reviewers to be shit. But I question their intellect and intelligence. I mean who would you rather trust, a guy paid to sit through shaite or a guy who sits down and gets shitfaced to watch a movie. I'm thiinkin I win this war, simply because politically I represent the common man. Now the other Movie Pit naysayers may reprimand me for liking this flick, but I hold the universal finger towards them. You want a swords and shit film, well this has got it all. I know that Ghost Dog (Editor's Note: This is DM's personal nickname for Randolph Carter.) and JM have a thing about the beginning of the film and how he learns to speak their language. But in the words of Quato, "Open your mind". This is a pure slash and hack flick with a bit of kibits thrownin. "The Dog can jump".

Drunken Master
(Editor's Note:  I got this e-mail soon after the last review... Drunken Master works in mysterious ways.)

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Ich Bin ein andere mann. Now the other fucks of Movie Pit think this movie sucks, well I on the other hand see a classic schlock great flick. The first sequence of this flick shows us a super hot Middle Eastern hottie with bosom buddies. Dude learns a lingo, sharpens his sword and hacks a few baddies, and walah, we got ourselves a medieval epic in the making. Yes this movie has many flaws, but in the words of Steve Martin, "EXCUSE ME!" We are talking a flick here, not reality, other wise I'd be sipping from my flask every fucking day at work because being a corporate daddy requires a suspension of belief.