2 Fast 2 Furious



Drunken Master

Originally I thought of a sequel without Maud Diesel as sacrilege....But since I'm a Non-Theist I gave this movie an honest "To god" run.   What the fuck does that bullshit mean?  Ghost Dog you're out local resident religious nut who I haven't taken out with a high powered hunting rifle(No religion/no conscious)...Fuck I'm fucking running out of fucking cool things  to fucking rant about so I'm resorting to to my classic default of saying fuck ever three seconds.   Today at work they had a silent auction for some parking spots to lower the cost of our "CHRISTMAS" holiday gahtering.   Walk Fatty!   It's two hundred yards.....is that too long to ask a women that makes me look like the skinny man standing next to the land beached whale of a wife that's made it's prescence know......my typiing must be attrocious,,,, is that how you spell attrocious?   Shit  New Mexico rocks....because I hve friends there and I wouldn't be here I am so wasted!   KICK A STALL IN FOR DRUNKENMASTER!   This review is horrible and yet I'll post it.   My standards have fallen to such a new low.