The 6th Day


Are You Ready!


review by  Darth Buzz

Picture: 9
Sound: 8
Menus/Extras: 6
Overall: 8
Notes: Nothing wrong with the anamorphic widescreen video, and the 5.1 sound was cookin' too. Not much to say on the extras.  However, how many extras do you want to watch with The 6th Day? The commentary is with the composer?!?!? The music score is not the first thing I think of when I think of this film. The extras could have been better.

Drunken Master

SCORE: 7 Beers

First off let me say the cloning shit was pretty fucking cool......However, what the fuck was the deal with the fucking Logan's Run firearms. Was the budget that tight that the director broke into some ancient Hollywood footlocker and grabbed these things in hopes we would still think they looked "cool". Other than a few major plot holes that being intoxicated while watching it I waved off, this movie was fairly entertaining. But Arnold is not back by any means with this movie, he's got a loooong way to go.

Darth Buzz


We can be sure of one thing right away in this fine cheesy action fest. We know that this will never happen because the XLF sucks ass and is fucking gone already. Just one year. Anywho, I was quite entertained with this action farce from Mr. Schwarzenegger. This wasn't the most realistic nor one of the best action scene wise films, but it had enough techno gadgets to keep me pacified. All the cloning stuff was well done too. Some of the near future stuff was pretty funny too. For example the now defunct XFL as previously mentioned, and the realistic children's doll that gives you the creeps. What kid in their right mind would want that thing? RePet... <lol>

As far as DM's assertion that "Arnold is not back by any means with this movie" I would have to respond we're talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger, not Al Pacino. His best film is T2 and then it falls off a cliff in comparison to that. This film fits in just fine with, Predator, Total Recall, True Lies, Eraser, and Conan. You come to a Schwarzenegger film to watch the carnage and see some cool FX not to ponder the acting performance, or the deep story. Don't get me wrong those things count it's just that in the grand scheme of all that is Arnold this movie is up there with the top 5 not including T2.