He finally found the perfect girl


Drunken Master

SCORE:  6Beers

A former Skateboarder in Jason Lee leads this semi impressive cast in a twentysomething romp about love and marraige. Julia Stiles (God is she hot) and Selma Blair (Hotter?) play the female leads in this
flick. Both are excellent, I couldn't say anything against either performace other than the fact that Stiles seemed a bit too comfortable with her throw role. However I think the critics of the media skewered this movie undeservadly a bit. Hello? Teen movie?  Don't you have something better to do? Wait? A movie has nothing
better to do than to sit in a semi deserted movie and scratch their balls and dream up how they can drudge movies threw the dirt when they "don't" like them. Hey I'm a reviewer that digs these types of
flicks! Fly me out to California for the Premiere so I can herald the greatness of these types of flicks!. However if you make true chick flicks then you should avoid me like the plague. If I'm forced
to witness another beating like Blue........Oh we're talking orgy.