From the director of the "Naked Gun" and starring the creators of "South Park."

Drunken Master

SCORE:  6Beers

Buzz has seen this and I know it makes him cringe just at the thought of the viewing.   However with the minds behind South Park and the mind of David Zucker, where can you go wrong?  Trey Parker and Matt Stone star in this wild and goofy movie with cohorts from their first movie "Cannibal The Movie."  Needless to say this flick is about a sport that doesn't exist until the lead characters in a fit of necessity create it...."From the Hood"   However given modern sports follies such as free agency, arbitration, outlandish contracts that drive up all contracts I'm sure you can see where this leads.   Keep in mind this is pure comedy that uses every character to it's full use no matter how small.  Just about every famous mainstream sports commentator appears and at one point Bob Costas asks his co-anchor to feel his nipples.  Ernest Borgnine has a small part but it's so good.  Yasmine Bleeth.....if ever there was a coke whore I'd blow my wad into she might be the one.  Jenny McCarthy plays what she is as a blonde who inherits the Baseketball team from her aged husband of three or so months and she plays an airhead like it's her true role in life.  Needless to say if you like Zucker films then this one will fit right in there.   If you don't avoid at all costs.