Charlie's Angels Full Throttle


This summer the angels are back
(Did we really miss them this much)

Drunken Master

SCORE:  16Beers

If I wanted to watch an hour and a half of shitty music Videos I would have rented the Coolio collection followed up with the Best of MC Hammer.   GOD DAMN!   How can a sequel be a franchise killer like this shit heap.  However in my drunken mind I think I have learned the secret of why this fucking wad of a movie sucked ass.   We owe it all to Aaron Spelling.   What?   You ask?  He was a producer of the first movie as well as the TV series it was based on....However he apparently had the wisdom to keep his name off of Full Bottle (Wine that is),   The action in this movie does what the Matrix Reloaded does not while using the same techniques.   These scenes are beyond humanly or physically possible and I mean Physics.   Drew Barrymore in an early seen comes underneath a table like she's doing the limbo without the line behind her.   There are really too many scenes that I could trash and normally I would invite you to witness this movie however it would be too painful for a mortal to view and live.   That's why the media covered up the wagons carting out the few poor souls who died while witnessing this horror.  However if you REALLY like music and want to see about 6 seconds of Mary Kate and Ashley then by all means sign your Do not resuscitate form and pick this up off the shelf at your local VHS/DVD rental chain.