He is the man without fear

Drunken Master

SCORE:  5Beers

I would love to say there are many things to either love or hate about this movie…….Ben Affleck in an action movie……? Jennifer Garner in a non action movie……? Red leather DareDevil costume………Elektra black leather costume……. Colin Farrell as Bullseye minus the accent was well worth the budget plus. Duncan as Wilson Fisk was fine however how many white guys that size can act? Jon Favreau looks like he ate Rudy If you read the Fellowship of the Rings Reviews you kinda get what I’m talking about. All the action sequences are very well filmed however I am thinking the this filmed Daredevil could whip the shit out of Xmens Wolverine and for those of us in the know we know it would be the exact opposite. I like to think that I have some fairly (minus hearing) kick butt senses, however senses don’t allow me to flip and jump like a fucking grasshopper around all kinds of obstacles. However as far as special effects go the radar sight of sound is fairly well done. Overall though I was very entertained by the whole visual pleasure that was Daredevil however for a guy without anything other than a heightened four senses this was a bit over the top. Oh yeah, Ben Affleck and action roles are like Van Damage and action roles……….lets try something else.