Disturbing Behavior


It doesn't matter if you're not perfect.  You will be


Drunken Master

SCORE:  4Beers

A movie that's less than a hour and a half long that rocks!   If my wife would let me, I would bring home my very own personal Katie Holmes.   I'd stroke her and pet her and make sure she gets fed and fresh water.   I'd take her on moonlit walks while quoting poetry and then I'd fluff her pillow to make sure she was all nice and comfy while she sleeps.   Can I just come right out and say that she's hot....I mean like a 2000 acre wildfire in California....wait, Maybe she's the reason these fires started.   I'm not talking Arson, but if she was wearing the right clothing and walking next to a dry patch of grass and the sun hit her checks just right I'm pretty sure that something catastrophic could happen.   The planets could come into alignment and I might develop a conscious, dogs and cats would mate with each other and Ahnold would fulfill his destiny as preseen in Demolition Man.   Seriously let's go ahead and pass the constitution amendment so he can run for president.   Nostradamous surely predicted this somewhere in his works because some writer fool put it in a Stallone Movie......that's like another sign of the apocalypse or something.  Seriously why can't some foreign bastard or bitch run for president, we give them fucking visas every other fucking day?   Why not let them take completely over that way the true American way will become Sheba's will?   Or Buddha, or Satan, or whatever.....why do we even have a government....personally I want to go back into the trees and the caves in the hills and fling poo at my neighbors.   Oh yeah, Cyclops takes on John Connor in a throw down to end all throw downs and the beauty of Dawson's Creek is the savior.   This has nothing to do with the movie and I'm not really in the caring mood to really care.   You want someone to take responsibilities for their reviews and how the public views them.....fuck you.   If your kids go on a shooting spree and blame it on Grand Theft Auto then I'm all for the death penalty for the Parents.....We gotta clean up the gene pool someplace and your inherit stupidity was passed on to your next of kin which I'm all for putting a bullet in their head......Give me the gun and have them kneel before me, problem solved.   No heart, No Conscious.  Now write the letter.  (Tim Roths Character in "The Musketeer")