Down with Love


The ultimate catch has met his match.


Drunken Master

SCORE:  5Beers

If there is any man that DrunkenMaster would let stick his hog into his rectal area it would be Ewen McGreggor.  Renee Zellweger is okay but she has to keep her hog away from my ass.   I really want to give this movie a higher rating, and for good reasons: 

1.  Good Plot
2.  Great cast
3.  Great Tempo
4.  Great sets
5.  Great acting
6.  Did I say that McGreggor can stick his hog in my rectal area? 

As you can see this movie has a lot going for it, and I suppose depending on you mood this could conceivably be a 1 beer movie.   Point to note this is a big time date movie, the chemistry between the leads was obvious.  The plot gets completely explained in the last fifteen minutes of the movie if you weren't able to follow it all the way through.  Set in the early sixties in New York, the director and crew did a fantastic job making the cityscape and filming locals look like it was yesterday.  The dialog is quick, witty and full of sexual innuendo which is about all Ghost Dog can muster.  A Maine small time girl writes a book that attempts to give women back the power over men, and get them into the workplace as equals to men.   A womanizer who happens to be a talented writer at a men's magazine is tapped to right a story about her but is too busy nailing every hot stewardess that happens to be on layover.   When the Maine girl shoots him down he plots to crush her by revealing her roots and showing her for who he thinks she really is.   But as date movies tend to get the drift.   I would describe it more but if you haven't seen it yet I would ruin some of the better parts of the movie.