This isn't the movies anymore.

Drunken Master

SCORE: 18 Beers

There is a reason Austin OíBrien has not been seen in anything resembling a major motion picture since this Mega Bomb was released on unprepared audiences in the year of 1993. Ten years ago they launched a rocket as media hype for this god-awful nuclear strike from Hollywood that I honestly believe began the breakdown of the major Motion picture megabombs. After this film was released no theatre could hold itís head high and not feel some shame in itís money making schemes. This was the Waterworld before it was even a wet dream! (Sorry for the bad pun) The only saving grace of this movie was that it was an action movie and that Bridgette Wilson had a bit part. I could attempt to describe the so-called plot of this movie, however in my drunken state I think I would massacre itís intentions and make it sound worse than it really was. And if DM gives a movie an 18, do you really want to sit through it?