Point of No Return


The Government gave her a choice.  Death.  Or life as an assassin.  Now, there's no turning back.


Drunken Master

Dead Monkeys can't Disco and the Gila Dragons are too of Ghost Dogs favorite bands.   This is a fact of gayness, now don't take this as a personal attack on Ghost Dog, he gives good head, but he secretly lusts after weird women.   We have two people at work that are very similar to him.   I lovingly call them "The Mumbler," and "Pointless."   For some reason I come up with all kinds of names for my co-workers as a design to keep me from associating with them on a personal basis.   Goat Woman, the Penguin, T-Rex Squared, C-Wing, Big Greasy, Cave Troll, The Mumbler, MissBitchALot, Miss Whiney, Smileyface, Happy woman, HowoldamI?.......Shit, how long does this list go on you ask........I prefer to disassociate through my day so that when I go home I can walk over to the toy bin, grab the etch a sketch and erase away the day.   Point of No Return, that's DrunkenMaster's DrunkenLimit from which his reviews make no sense or contain little thought.  Bridget Fonda (I Mentioned something to do with the movie?)  Is a woman who for some reason I'd jump on just for jumping sake.   This is an American remake of a Sad clown of life French movie where I think the American movie is better.....like that's hard to do......Jerry Lewis was not in this film......Um I'm pretty hammered at the moment and as a mid life person my recollections get all fucked up when I'm intoxicated.  Would you like fries with that?   Umm for some reason seeing a hot woman in a nice dress running amok with a hand cannon wasting baddies just seams like a good movie.   If I could only do that in real life........Drink up.