Warrior. Legend. King.

Drunken Master

SCORE:  7Beers

“The Rock” is not an actor. I will repeat that for any of those of you who can’t read brail on a computer monitor. “The Rock” is not an actor. Therefore any screenplay written for an accomplished “Professional Wrestler” needs nothing other than a flawed plot, cheesy one liners that Schwartzennegger passed on, and good solid action scenes. I will say that Dwayne Johnson can do the action thing. Any combat scene or it’s like that he’s in is quite well filmed. However when it comes to uttering dialog, he seems like he’s a bit too used to his rantings at a WWF rally. Kelly Hu who turns up action wise in X2 makes her role more than just paper thin by turning up as a very desirable sorceress with her own agenda in mind. Michael Clarke Duncan plays one of the leaders of the free tribes and looks like he did his role for free. Nice beer gut fat boy! Paid any dialog coaches a visit in your career? The middle eastern sidekick from True Lies gives his most recent performance that raises the non-question as to why American Audiences never see him. Considering the script though………Was anyone other than Dwayne offered real money to be in this movie? Check out Bernard Hill in this…..for those of you halfwits he’s the possessed king in Two Towers and Return of the King.