Earth has a deadline

Drunken Master

SCORE:  6Beers

Now I'm no geologist, rocket Scientist, Space Shuttle pilot, intelligent idiot Savant.....or a really caring person about detail of these things. When I watch a movie I want to be it with knowledge, story, acting, plot, or none of the above. This movie has lots of shit in it that I know for a fact is ludicrous speed. In this great movie we've "gone plaid."  This is your basic version of Armageddon/Deep Impact except human created from the inside of Earth. Apparently the geniuses of the American Science community have created a weapon that stops the rotation of the earths molten core........Riiiiiiiiiiight. Well after a bunch of wacky shit goes down like birds flying into buildings in mass and other fucked up shit....a scientist played by some shithack figures it out and goes to egoPHD dude played by Stanley Tucci who always seems to overplay every role....Well things lead to things and soon we're in a ship designed to go to the center of the earth made with "Unobtainium".......Riiiiiiiiight. Personally I recommend this movie because it really does have a pretty good story/plot minus science and logic....Most of the characters are fairly thin and either over acted or under acted......Who in the fuck in the world thinks Hillary Swank is hot.....My dick gets limp just thinking about her naked in front of me and I guarantee she could suck on it for as long as she wants and I still wouldn't get hard.  She's like anti hot or something yet hollyweird still gives her jobs. You would have thought after that Karate Kid fiasco her career would have shittanked like the titanic but......Oh fuck.....the movie was entertaining I'd give her a mushroom on the forehead. Oh and what fuck was DJ Qualls talking about Kung Fu for? Shit.