A new power is rising


Drunken Master

I'm very upset that no other member of the pit has taken the time out of their busy schedule to review this movie.....granted my review of the first movie in this series consists of "My god that was awesome." So I'll be the first out of the gate to say, is there any reason that Peter Jackson has not walked out of the Academy Award ceremonies with two consecutive Best Movie, Best director awards? Is the academy on crack, high on heroin, freebasing super glue. Fucking Chicago? Is everyone on the panel Gay? Ghost Dog should answer that. A beautiful mind was good, and had kick ass acting but against "The Fellowship?" Fuck god damn shit eating Christians.....stop butting into everyone's life and reflect on your own sins mother fuckers! If I want to fuck a dog in the ass and smoke a doobie while intaking some black tar heroin while getting a tattoo of me fucking a dog on my ass at the same time then I think I'm living in the right fucking country to do it god dammit fucking Baptists! Sorry about the rant there....had to get that out of my fucking system dammit! The Two Towers picks up immediately where the Fellowship left off and continues the story where it left off. Legolas the Puck and Strider sprint across some of the best cinematographed scenes ever filmed chasing a band of fuck ups that need a good thrashing.  Now Jackson has a kick ass hand at handling multiple story lines at one time and also keep the pace of the movie going without ever bogging down.  There is a scene in this flick that I originally read the part for, however my skin isn't quite white puffy enough for Jackson so he decided that since no human could have the skin tone he would go digital......Originally he was going to use my voice over but I had laryngitis at the time and was also a prisoner in a west German prison camp being force fed grain alcohol....However I'm still pleased with the way the scene played out. Needless to say I'm not really reviewing the movie but more or less just drunk and rambling from subject to subject...."Turn on the light switch!" "A new power is rising." My ass has this power as well, I displayed that for my wife this evening when she came out of the bathroom quickly following  me dropping the kids off at the pool and said, "What the fuck died in your ass?" While covering her mouth with her hand. That's power!