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Darth Buzz


I swear after the last time I saw this film it was a solid 3 with the finger. That is a firm testament to the power of a good dubbing (the old one was total shit, "TETSUO!!! KANEDA!!! Repeat.) and the transfer is like night and day. Last time I saw it was on a kick ass pan and scan VHS tape that had been played about 1,000 times from Ballbuster. I was not impressed with anything. This time's viewing was with the shinny new DVD and like I said, night and day. The animation is stunning. The buildings, the movement of the motorcycles, and the details jump out as they never have before with this transfer. Another thing that stands out about Akira that I didn't notice last time was the cool factor. Akira is just kind of cool. Lots of good action, a ton of violence, and great apocalyptic view of the future.

The bad part is the story. With the new translation for the dubbing there is more clarity for most of the movie, but nothing can fix the ending that this film has. It's just nonsense.

So, overall I was entertained but Akira has more holes than Swiss cheese. On a different mood day I could see giving this thing a 5 thumbs down. It all depends on which way the wind is blowing.

Drunken Master

SCORE: 1 Beer

  Erect like a virgin in a Vietnamese whorehouse on his birthday

I can say nothing else but grandeur for this fucking flick. After about a hundred viewings on worn ass VHS, I get to view perfection in DVD. Buzz said the music was altered, I say cleaned up. It's like listening to a fucking LP record with scratches to a brand new CD out of a case if you ask me. The animation and transfer were more than I could have hoped for and the new translation/amerispeak translation made a lot of bumps from the VHS a hell of a lot smoother. If you dig anime, dig violence, dig some bad ass shit going down......weird endings, and fucking just a bad ass movie, then grab this and a bottle of SKY Vodka mixed properly with a cola beverage and you've got yourself a proper sitdownrelax and let the world fuck itself type movie. NOTE TO ALL REDNECKS: AVOID AT ALL COSTS, Intellect level 5 required to view this movie. That and any raging village idiot, if you don't know what I mean, then you most likely are one.....If I offend you then Imagine a hand with a finger next to the fore up and the other three down with the thumb stuck offensively out to the side out. Don't know what I mean, then don't ever come to this page again, because you can't handle the son of truth.