Almost Famous


Experience it. Enjoy it. Just don't fall for it.



Jurassic Mark

SCORE: 4 Stars

The camera likes twenty-one-year-old Kate Hudson, and writer/director Cameron Crowe uses that to his advantage in Almost Famous. Kate is a promising actress who should have a decent Hollywood career. However, it is veteran actress Francis McDormand who anchors the film in the movies best written role as every boy's mother (times ten).

Almost Famous is the story of a young writer (Patrick Fugit) who lands a job with Rolling Stone to follow the fictional band "Stillwater" on tour. The band members (mainly Billy Crudup and Jason Lee) handle their roles admirably, but more importantly "look the part." The casting, all around, is first rate.

Like most good movies, Almost Famous is hard to sum up in a few words. It's certainly a coming of age tale. Our young journalist has to grow up very quickly and although he's kind of a nerd, by the end of the film he manages to assert himself.

But, like director Crowe's Oscar nominated Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous also demonstrates the superficiality of celebrities and then turns it 180 degrees to show that celebrities are often ordinary and vulnerable.

Drunken Master
Score:  3beers

This was a bit of an odd movieÖ being something I didnít think Iíd like at first and then find out that the movie rocked. Blondes usually donít do a whole lot for me, but for some reason Kate Hudson just fucking rocks. Just about every single character in this flick is well written, dialog and everything all rolled into one. Phillips Seymour Hoffmanís character by far is probably my favorite, and is oddly the least used. The movie itself centers around a teen aged kid who writes music and concert reviews for a local paper. Up comes Rolling Stone Magazine with an offer he couldnít refuse and he goes on the road with a rock band and describes the exploits both on stage and off. Needless to say itís a real cool soundtrack and Fairuza Balk could melt ice at night on an icebergÖÖThatís just a personal opinion of course. So if youíre digging classic rock, grab this off the rental shelf and take it home, itís a feel good ride from start to finish.