America's Sweethearts


The Crew's Here. The Camera's Are Rolling. And the Directors Got a Problem!


Jurassic Mark

SCORE: 2 Stars

America's Sweethearts has four assets:

1. Julia Roberts can do fluffy romantic comedy in her sleep. She navigates her way through bad movies like the Pope in his "Pope Mobile." I always wonder about people who say Roberts isn't pretty. I want to ask them, "Who are you dating?"

2. John Cusack elevates every film he's in. He's one of my favorite actors.

3. Billy Crystal is a truly funny guy. He co-stars and co-wrote the script. America's Sweethearts does have its laughs. The biggest is a hilarious site-gag involving a certain notorious criminal's house.

4. The versatile Stanley Tucci.

Those are the only nice things I have to say about America's Sweethearts. Forget about the plot. If you like Catherine Zeta-Jones, nothing I say is going to change that. I'm constantly amazed that with the literally hundreds of thousands of beautiful and talented actresses we have to put up with half-baked Zeta and full-baked Melanie Griffith.