Blazing Saddles


Never give a saga an even break!


Drunken Master

SCORE: 5 Beers

As far as my opinion carries (four feet three inches) this is the best Mel Brooks movie ever made. This is saying that it is better than the well cast Space Balls, which in Drunken Master's view sez a lot. Westerns have been done before, well done and burnt. I am not certain but I think that this genre has been so burnt out that fear dwells in the heart of any Hollywood producer's heart whenever this type of movie hits their desk. Thus the momentary shelving of both Texas Rangers and American Outlaws, hopefully to be seen at a theatre near you soon. (God bless Rachel Leigh Cook, hottie in massive making, just need an acting lesson or two). Anywho, this movie features the little loved, blessed Slim Pickens in a supporting role. Those of Drunken Master's mindset will readily immediately be reminded of his fantasmal role in 1941. But I digress, this movie has more quotable lines than I think Mel Brooks is capable at his age of remembering. "Mongo don't know, mongo only pawn in game of life", is possibly the most useful in the corporate daddy world. Look you insolent bastards, you wanna see a Mel Brooks movie, see this one, and definitely not History of the World Pt 1. Some of you should understand.