Drunken Master

SCORE:  23 Beers

      The other members of Movie Pit have raved over this movie.....However I must be the voice of reason.  This movie fucking SUCKS ASS!  Talk about an ass-pounding of biblical proportions!  This was almost like Governess II:  The Return of the Ass Fuck.  I don't give a shit about all the hoopla over the symbolism that this director tried to force down my throat, I'm watching a movie to be entertained and not see some poor pathetic woman's reality of dealing with a cheating dead husband's legacy of being a famous composer!  DAMN get over it woman, he cheated on you!  He impregnated another woman while married to you and all you do is nail his assfuck friend and then escape to your little apartment.  With all that transpires in this awful fucking movie, there is a scene where this pathetic bitch goes into some red-light-district sex-show place....Where if I were to want to save this shitpile of a movie, there would have been a long drawn out scene with HOT LESBIAN SEX!  Since that didn't happen though, this movie continued to go down it's boring as hell path where by the last few minutes I was wanting to claw out my eyeballs with toothpicks and serve them up like olives.