Bring It On


May the best moves win.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 5 Beers

I swear I've reviewed this flick before, however it ain't on the page, therefore is open season for the grand DM.  Do you dig seeing a bunch of tight butt early twenties/late teens actresses shake their thangs, doing the whole cheerleading scene apparent.  Fuck that shit.  This is a dream fuck shit.  I remember in high school where the untouchables were the hired help.  They knew everyone but only knew the privileged few really new them.  I was one of the outside misfits due to the fact that I almost made the gymnastics team cept for a fucking bum shoulder.  This rendered me to band fag, or whatever is the equivalent to your school/year.  Needless to say I am complaining more about reality than I am about this movie.  This dooty has one of the best fart scenes in modern history, catch it quick cause it skips free quickly, "Missy's the Poo, So take a big wiff", good line but also could fit in for one of my turds.  Knock your silly ass out.