Brotherhood of the Wolf




Drunken Master

SCORE:  3Beers

French movies usually and almost always make me want to grab a bucket and heave the contents of my stomach into it. The sad clown of life…….What the fuck is it with French people? Can they not make a happy movie for one god damn instance? Oh and don’t get me started on their hygiene….Froggies don’t use soap. THE FRENCH SUCK ASS! Or they ASS SUCK, either way they should be forced to watch every single bad Jerry Lewis movie………wait, maybe that’s why they ASS SUCK so much. It’s watching lame ass Jerry Lewis movies over and over. My god that’s it….I’ve had an epiphany! The frogs are so mentally deluded with the grandeur of Jerry Lewis that they don’t understand their own Shit reeks. You know, you would think a country that wouldn’t exist if not for the rest of the world, would be a little more thankful and might show a little more respect towards the greater countries that allowed it to continue to exist. Would the world be a better place without the Froggies….Well we wouldn’t have to suffer through long ass “Symbolic Sad Clown of Life” movies anymore. That for me is a good reason to strap a grenade on the Frenchie’s leaders and use them as cannon fodder for whomever is the ass of the moment….Because whoever that would be could surely kick the french’s ass any day of the week. They’d all be indoors catching the Jerry Lewis Marathon.

Oh the movie was pretty fucking cool. Check out the American Indian dude who’s actually from Hawaii.