Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 (vol. 1)



Can't Buy a Thrill
Keep Me Hanging On
Machine Head


Darth Buzz


What more do you need in life then hot women in tight fitting clothes, fighting crazed boomers (robots) in hardsuits (Robotic Armor)? It works for me. The first four volumes mostly focus on Linna Yamazaki a country girl who has just moved to the big city and wants to join the Knight Sabers (a group of women in hardsuits that put renegade boomers out of commission). The whole story line of the first four episodes is very comic book like in feel and tone. The Knight Sabers are very much like superheroes that fight villains. The animation in Bubblegum Crisis 2040 is quite good for a series and has an interesting blend of computer and hand drawn animation that don't clash.  The colors used are nice and carry the comic book feel even further with the colors of the hardsuits and the uniforms that the girls wear under the hardsuits.  Overall the style, sex, and violence come together to make a very entertaining show. There is also just enough mystery about why the boomers are going crazy and certain characters roles and motivation that makes you wanna come back for more. If your not a fan of anime, comics, or Sci-Fi then skip over this one.  I would predict that this would be right up Drunken Master's alley too.  (Hope I didn't scare away everyone else.) <lol>