Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 (vol. 6)



Physical Graffiti
Light My Fire
Walking on the Moon
Still Alive and Well


Darth Buzz


Well, I stuck it out to the end, and what do I get in return? A kick to the head. This series started out with much promise for all the super hero comic book geeks of the world and then it turned into some kind of wannabe cerebral exploration into human nature. GAY! I don't mind a mentally challenging, well done, thought provoking show, but this started out as a tits and ass woman superhero kind of thing then it turns into a really shitty nature of man and machine (AI) type show. The problem with that is that the show sets up expectations that are not fulfilled. I applaud a lot of Anime because it caters to an older audience than what is normally targeted for animation. This series was just done so poorly that it didn't impress me at all for it's attempt at thoughtfulness. The development of the plot was so poor that I knew by vol. 4 that there was going to be no saving this turd and by the time I finished vol.6, I was really tired of the show.

I knew that this was all going to suck when they built up these two evil characters and you knew one was going to take out the other and that would be the big dog that the Knight Sabers (the group of tits and ass superheroes) would have to take down, but no, both of the bad guys are eliminated (I don't give a fuck about spoilers, this show sucks) and we get some kind of new evil for the end. Why do I care about this new evil? Why is she/it evil? Why do I care about the other 20 or so under developed characters? In the end, why do I care at all? Answer: I don't.