Cat Ballou


It's That Way-Out Whopper Of A Funny Western...A She-Bang To End All She-Bangs!


Drunken Master

SCORE: 5 Beers

This bitch is not an actress, she's just plain scenery. However in her youth she be like the town wanabewhore, everyone wants a ride but she ain't putting out. This is one of those Western spoofs that kinda fits in that spaghetti field there somewheres. Though it has a bit of singing to make it a bit of a musical, it does still have a solid plot line. That is solid for a spoof, that is. Story goes, Virgin heads west, gets waylaid in a train, in a hold up, meets gangsters, likes gangsters, bad guys fuck up good guys, girl becomes bad girl, helps bad/girl beat the really bad guys, ending comes, surprise to all and alcohol makes the medicine go down. Lee Marvin deservedly won an Oscar for this flick I believe, if not (Belch) he should fucking have.