The Cell


This Summer... Enter The Mind Of A Killer


Jurassic Mark

SCORE: 1 Star

The Cell is most disappointing because it's not original when originality is precisely why you went to see the movie in the first place. Any Star Trek fan has seen the basic idea of the movie: two minds interlock with the hope that some useful information can be extracted from the repressed brain of a (fill in the blank) psychotic, senile old person, coma victim, etc.

The whole story is sci-fi old hat. The only thing to distract us from the obvious plot are some (distracting) visuals. These visuals fall under two categories: disturbing; or ridiculous religious symbolism such as the Virgin Mary or John the Baptist (fill in the blank).

On another note, I was particularly annoyed by the bland performances of Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn. Vaughn (in particular) is a charismatic actor who spent 90 minutes looking like he badly wanted to go back to his trailer and smoke a bong. I mean, he walked through this role like a zombie. Even in the climatic scene where Vaughn has discovered the whereabouts of the last victim, Vaughn shows no sense of urgency, and manages to save the missing girl in spite of the fact that he doesn't run hard or break a sweat or anything.

There are other irritating, predictable moments, but I'll shorten my review to just one. The viewer who has seen more than three movies knows that some experience that Jennifer Lopez learns from her experience with the killer will give her insight into how to help the child who is her original patient. And, that, predictably, is how the film ends.

Darth Buzz


The title of this film is a description of my state in the theater. For 107 minutes I was in The Cell. This film sucked anyway you look at it. It's only redeeming quality, if you wanna call it that, was visual FX. Even that was usually more of a gross out factor than something interesting to watch. Not even the voluptuous body of Jennifer Lopez could save me from this one.