Chicken Run


Escape or Die Frying.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 8 Beers


Normally the sound of Minnie Driver's voice get's my rocket doing it't test launch, however seeing a voice over in the form of a chicken didn't quite do it for me. Why you ask, and I couldn't answer why, cept the fact that chicken love is a taboo of mine. This movie is not quite in gear with what I was hoping......I hear all of this hoopla about a flick with cool play-doh anime and a story and I get pummeled with candy-ass-wannabe Great Escape flick. Word to the wise, NEVER EVER FUCKING REMAKE A FUCKING CLASSIC, by doing a preschool play-doh revision of such, it will only irritate Drunken Master. Does my review of this movie review the movie, fuck you.