The Commitments


They Had Absolutely Nothing. But They Were Willing To Risk It All.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 3 Beers

James Brown would be proud, a soul movie done by the white folk that doesn't disappoint.  This was a movie I believe was to be in a triad of movies about the society issues and reality of a fucked up third world truth it did, but if it was fit was fucking cool.  "I'm black, and I'm proud".  Now I'm a extremely good visualizer of shitty and B actors in mainstream movies, however this one paints a hard canvas.  Only Colm Meaney comes out and slaps us in the face.  For some reason I keep thinking the manager of the bands younger sister pops up in a dual twin role in Snatch as the Diamond dealers twin hottie daughters who we shant go into how hot they are due to the fact, well......I said so.  (A ramble, I remember an American sitcom that used two of the doublemint twins as a plot, something like double trouble or something.  Talk about prize pieces of ass.....RAMBLE ON, RAMBLE ON!!!!