Deep Impact


Heaven and Earth are about to collide. 


Drunken Master

SCORE: Same as Armageddon... did I review that yet? Beers
(Editor's Note: No you didn't.)

+ Leelee Sobieskiskitskit

I am a follower of the comit FlooFloo, I believe that all should skidaddle when the fucked updness of the waugh waugh conveys upon the wisdom of Sauramon. She be hot when she's twenty....... glass house, throw rocks..... uhmmmmm. Rise and be a leader of men? "The American government just asked you to save the world.....Anyone wanna say no?" Um.......fuck.....shit. son of a beotch. Glass is empty. Hey you... motherfucker.... sitting there with you glass fulll..... pass that shit to me. Um......13% by volume, and I ain't done yet. BOTTLE NUMBER TWO IS OPENING SOON! I'm not a proud man who sits here, but I could out drink your ass, I guarantee it...and If I couldn't do it.....I'd barf all over your ass.....clenched teeth and all. Um Tea Leoni is an highly overrated actress, this movie proves that, and the whole asteroid scene tugs at your heart strings.....but mine are plucked. Oceans rise, as does the bile in my stomach. Cities Fall, as does my steaming turd as it hits the water in the bottom of the toilet. Hope sinks like a wine infested turd that encompasses all that is discarded. Is bottle 2 open yet?

Darth Buzz


Yawn.  Oh, look... it's the movie of the week... with a cool special effect at the end.  Can I have my money back?  Please!