Six lost souls in search of a little harmony.

Randolph Carter


Cringe-o-meter: 7 (out of 10) If I would have cringed one more time out of embarrassment, I would have politely gotten up, told my in-laws good-night and gone to bed.

Recommended for: karaoke aficionados, the deaf and dumb, and young goofy
girls (who like anything).

Strengths: A couple of the songs performed were almost tolerable.

Weaknesses: Read below

Comments: Duets is part crap and part painfully embarrassing. A horrible, horrible film. The plot goes nowhere. All of the characters (and there are boatloads in this one friend) are completely obnoxious, unbelievable and overacted. Speech impediment Lewis couldn't act (or sing for that matter) to save his life. Paul Giamatti's singing and corporate daddy gone crazy shenanigans made me noxious (4 points alone on the cringe-o-meter). At first I wondered why someone of Gwyneth Paltrow's caliber would have starred in such a wretched film as this, and then I discovered it was her dear old dad, Bruce Paltrow, who directed it. Amazingly enough, it is her character that is by far the most obnoxious. She plays the role of a twenty-something year old emotionally shell-shocked woman who tries her hardest to patch things up with her estranged father Mr. Speech Impediment. But she comes off as some overgrown, 12 year-old, pig-tailed, vacant floozy. I normally wouldn't consider punching a woman, but in this case Paltrow's waif-like character warrants a volley of rabbit punches to the bread basket. If only I would have known, I would have gladly watched the video game "The Mummy Returns" one more time before subjecting myself to this dreadful piece of filmmaking.