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Open 'til Midnight.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 5 Beers

Liv Tyler.........Oh yeah, we's talking seeing her in a bra in this. That is worth at least a single "WAUGH". Well the rest of the cast ain't that bad either: We have Maxwell Caufield (I think Grease 2) Debi Mazar (Some TV show like LA LAW or some shite) The very underated Rory ("Are you cool?") Cochrane, Robin (I was in End of Days for what?) Tunney, and of course the odd typical roll of short skirt wearing Renee Zellweger. By the title if you can't tell where we're starting let me first off ward off the fears that this is another "Airheads" rift, and say that no it does not suck ass like a career stopping movie this should have been for Sandler, Fraser, and Joe 
Mantegna. Well maybe it was for Mantegna, but the rest of these 'Airheads' went on to better careers. But I digress as usual and stray from the intended movie. DAMN did I digress. We basically have a small town record store that is being threatened to become a megachain disaster store with rules. Damn the man, we want maham. Anyways this is a quick tale of how the underdog has no fear because good karma is here.