Enemy at the Gates


Some men are born to be heroes

Drunken Master

SCORE:  5Beers

Before sitting down to watch this movie, take in this most important fact. The only person in this movie who actually attempts to speak with anything other than their own accent is Bob Hoskins. This fact alone could save you torment. This movie is about World War II and how the Russians basically whittled down the Krouts (He Clicked his heels, A fine German tradition. “This is for Buzz”). With no Russian accents, and Englishmen playing them we have a fairly entertaining flick. The acting and storyline move along pretty well and the war and combat scenes are filmed exceptionally. The river scene at the beginning moments of the movie are probably the best however seeing them tugs a bit at the ideology of war. However Ed Harris’s character I could not decide if he was under acted, or if underwrote.