No mortal could possess it! No kingdom could command it!


Drunken Master

SCORE: 4 Beers

This movie would get an 1, but there are two things that piss me the fuck off. First off, let's get this most non acting fuck we can get an get him to be the main character in our movie. George Lucas took a lesson from John Boorman. (i.e. A New Hope) Next off, let's get the most annoying fuck little kid to play a secondary role in our movie. Again George Lucas took a lesson from John Boorman. (i.e. The Phantom Menace) However this movie tells a legendary story very well film wise. The action scenes are well done, and with all the cameos of actors early in their careers we see, it's highly entertaining. There are times I wonder when Patrick Stewart did not have gray hair. But if you like a movie about medieval times and a legend that stands the woe of times, then Excalibur is for you.