The Family Man


What if...


Randolph Carter


Plot: A big time, successful corporate daddy is given a glimpse of what life would have been like if he had taken the road most traveled: married to a Peter Pan-esque waif, having two children and selling tires for a living.

Commentary: Tea Leoni as Cageís fantasy wife is about as attractive as my kid sister (if I had a kid sister, that is), and this for me undermines the whole film. Cage and Leoni are presented as this couple completely and utterly in love with each other, viewed with envy by their friends, and it just doesnít work. It makes one cringe (see below) more than anything else. I personally would have chosen a bullet in the head to either of the choices Cage was faced with.

More appropriate title: Itís a Wonderful Life II, or Take the Money and Run

Cringe-o-meter: (7 out of 10) A scene where Pre Corporate Daddy changes his baby sonís diaper only to find it is full of what looks like chocolate pudding. Before he is able to slap a new diaper on, baby sonís wiener turns into a natural geyser Ė A lengthy videotaped birthday party for Peter Pan Woman where Pre Corporate Daddy sings her a song and everyone can see how much in love they are -- One of the final scenes in the airport where Corporate Daddy Learned His Lesson is pleading with Peter Pan Woman not to leave (a very difficult scene for any man to watch).

Recommended for: Women who donít mind strong doses of corniness in their romance films.

Drunken Master
SCORE: I didn't watch this one but I imagine about a twelve pack or so

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