The Godfather



Drunken Master

SCORE: 1 Beer

In my sufficiently drunk mode, and this being the first time I have ever witnessed the entire greatness of the Godfather in one sitting......Heaps of praises and adoration could not reach high enough to give this painting it's due. This is perfection, this is art, this is the fucking Gugenheim. Now as Sir Randolph may point out, there maybe a miscast role here and there but as an entirety it is flawless. Kudos must go out to the ending scene, because it is fucking movie history. To give a basic scripting of the plot of this movie would be insulting, to do so would be insulting to anyone who can appreciate perfection. If the title of this movie does not tell you enough....then you should put it back down on the shelf and go watch the Little Mermaid.