Austin Powers in Goldmember


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Drunken Master

SCORE: 6 Beers

     I was told this movie was a bit of a spoof on the 70's era Bond flicks.  Exit stage right, don't come back.  Mike Myers continues to use bathroom humor mixed with old shit to attempt at making us laugh.  A lot of the laughs are pretty decent, however this isn't a bond spoof from the seventies.....It's more of Mike Myers rehashing the old gags to make a greenback or two.  But out of the 3 movies in this trio, this has by far the best ending of them all.  Evil Scott Powers bald in all his glory threatening to get Austin Powers while doing the Bwaaah ahhhahahhhahhaa laugh at the end.

       This actually would entice me to see a new generation of spy spoofs go onward.  But I think this dog is dead.   Oh and Goldmember.   What the fuck was this character even brought up.  Did Mr. Myers have a bad shit and then decide to use it as a basis for a movie. FUCK This character had to have been bad on paper, and he was the reason this movie was made?  Note to Mike, I have a's pretty green and moldy looking.....but I think with the right lines, the right lighting.........Greatness.