Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)


... there was nothing to hold onto - except each other.


Darth Buzz


They say that first impressions are critical to how someone is perceived. Well, Invasion of the Body Snatchers first few scenes have Dana Wynter as Becky Driscoll and Jean Willes as Nurse Sally Withers and they are both HOT. Jean Willes about sets the screen on fire in her little sweater. Wooot! Hotness aside the question is, did Invasion live up to its first impression of goodness? I would say the definite answer is, yes.

I have been a big fan of the 1978 version of Invasion for many years and thought what was the point of seeing the 1956 version since the 70s version is so good? Well, I guess that you canít have too much of a good thing as far as Invasion is concerned. (I liked the 1993 version titled Body Snatchers too.) The 50s version of Invasion is more pod like goodness. The only thing that is lacking that I liked in newer versions is the scream from hell, best demonstrated by Meg Tilly in the 90s version. Other than that this is just more of the same. If you have never seen any of the Body Snatcher movies this would be a good place to start. I highly recommend this one.