Josie and the Pussycats


here kitty, kitty, kitty...


Drunken Master

SCORE: 6 Beers


Pussy. That's the first thing that drew me to the title of this movie.  Then there was Rachel "One act pony" Leigh Cook as Josie, that got a beer less just for that.  I think the critics at large were overly harsh of this movie.  Personally I felt that the director got the point that the movie was emphasizing across perfectly.  Some may fear the opening sequence with the faux boy band "Dijour", however the cameos of the actors who portray them are pretty funny in the first few minutes.  The main detractor of quality of this flick however is the shitty ending where the 2 bad guys realize they went to high school together and fall in love.  Yes I ruined the movie for everyone, but considering last week it took about $500 dollars a fucking theater I don't think many of you will rush out to see it based on my review.

Jurassic Mark

"Gulf Revisited" an original poem by Jurassic Mark:

The mop suit soaks up the jiz,
Mixing with the Saran,
Producing a Mentat.
Clinton says, "How now brown cow?"
Walk the Duck
Walk the Duck
Round the circle.