A Knight's Tale


He Will Rock You.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 4 Beers

There was a point in this movie in about the first minute and a half where I was deeply concerned that this movie was INSTA-SHIT. But I weathered out the first 20 minutes or so and was thusly rewarded. (NOTE TO RC) Music aside, including a noticeable dance scene. I felt the extreme need to find a certain brunette featured in this film, and give her the royal treatment. This experience shall not be defined here.....but only thus defined in an intimate moment between me and the female counterpart. AND THIS COULD BE the Princess girl, but is not. This is a movie that grows on me like fungus. FUN being the first three letters, and GAS being the last three. IS THIS THE CORRECT SPELLING, read the rest of Drunken Master's reviews and see if I care....