Legally Blonde


This summer go blonde!


Drunken Master

SCORE: 18 Beers

  A righteous finger of the proper sort pointing towards the heavens.

It's rare that Drunken Master will sit through a major motion picture and feel pummeled. But this grand film stands up among the crowd and says I'm a chick flick, watch me, I'm beautiful. Out there in the audience there
is a man, who is drunk off his ass......entertained he is not, wait.......he is pissed off. This movie sucks, in the most painful of ways. This is clueless meets Harvard and then plows head-on into a brick wall at 110 miles
an hour. Excitement is not what I speak of, but impending death, something that I wish would have come quick as opposed to watching this movie. Humor was sparse and fairly nonexistent, anything close to entertainment was far fetched and readily launched in a catapult away from the viewer. Imagine watching a two hour visual thing....and then having a Frenchmen standing over you, and every time you hinted at a smile or chuckle he gave you the back of his hand and shouted "Fetchidemoss!!!". At this point of the review I must debate why I did not simply skewer this movie with a 24......Reese Witherspoon in a bikini. Thus endeth the review.

Darth Buzz

Retort to Drunken Master

From the mind that brought you the review of Jawbreaker & Spice World... How could you NOT like Legally Blonde?  It just has, DRUNKEN MASTER MOVIE written all over it.  <LOL>