The Magnificent Seven


They were seven - And they fought like seven hundred!


Drunken Master

SCORE: 7 Beers

Just about any movie with Steve McQueen is gonna get a favorable review from me. As a western this movie is about as classic as it goes. The story has been bastardized so many times since 1960 that I should even fail to raise shields, yet the cast is very underused outside Mr. Brenner and McQueen. The title of this movie makes me think of a scene where at a foggy dawn in the old west, we see 7 men ride into a small po-dunk town where they will soon meet the "man". But we see a movie that has been rehashed and rehashed till it's deader than RC's sex drive.

Jurassic Mark

Response to Drunken Master

Dear, pathetic Drunken Master:

Your lack of film knowledge disturbs me and questions your presence in Movie Pit. Yes, I agree that The Magnificent Seven deserves "Thumbs Up," and at least seven beers, but I'll wager that I can watch it on four (imported or domestic). Still, in keeping with the theme, I should think a Mexican Tequte, or Tequito, or whatever the fuck they call that beer would be more appropriate. You may be drunk tonight, but I am the drunken MASTER!!!

You miserable cur. The Magnificent Seven is a remake itself of Mr. Akira Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai. So how in the fuck can you accuse other movies of rifping off (yes I said "ripfing") The Magnificent Seven. Yeah,
the late Steve McQueen was kick-ass and so was the late Yul B-R-Y-N-N-E-R.  The legendary actor at least deserves to have his name spelled correctly.  These guys were icons who died by blowing cigarette smoke into each others faces. If they didn't die of cancer of the lung they would have died anyway. Think about it.  Whatever you do, don't smoke.

-JM (the drunken MASTER111) [shift key] !!!