Mission: Impossible 2


Expect the impossible again


Drunken Master

SCORE: 4 Beers

Let me first off start off with John Woo sucks. This isn't personal, it's just that his film making style makes me want to bend over the movie recliner arm rest and vomit continuously into a half empty popcorn bucket. Then I would want to dump a half eaten box of Milk Dud's and JuJu bees along with some lukewarm seven up into this mixture and inhale the fumes. This should be significant enough to cause me again to vomit, hopefully chunks above my head much like Lance Henrickson in Aliens. But I digress heavily. Woo has made 2 films that are watchable in full length in my opinion. If you don't coincide with my view, fuck off. I'm working on my core audience here. The first of his "quality" flicks is Hard Target. A Van Damage movie worth watching you ask......yes. Simply by pure cheese. The Turban Man stunt double on the motorcycle stunt 2/3 the way threw the movie sealed me. "My momma took one." Classic. This flick however, MI2, is his second watchable flick, simply because it's fucking beautiful cheese. The only thing I really have against Woo is the fucking Doves.....I mean enough already, it's fucking ancient history mother fucker. Enough with the symbolism and let ass kickers kick ass. This being rambled through Drunken Master....I'm done.