The Mummy



Darth Buzz


Man!!!  First time I saw this film I was WAY too harsh.  I'm not sure what I expected? (Shakespeare or something)  We'll it's not high art by any means, but it is some fine hogwash.  Check your brain at the door and suck up the pure cheese.  The production value of this cheese ball is quite high though.  Good special effects with a campy story.  At times it feels like an old 50's horror film, and then you get clubbed over the head with some righteous special effects and you realize that CGI is God's gift to modern cinema.  I also enjoyed Brendan Fraser as the lead character.  He spit out a few good one liners and looked good doing it.  That's all you really need for a cool action flick.  But the better performance comes form Mr. Kevin J. O'Connor. (Beni)  He plays a great little slimeball, and delivers a few good laughs.  Overall it's not a bad way to spend a couple of hours and that's what it's all about.