Phone Booth


Your life is on the line.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 4 Beers

For some reason I think I'm getting a hard on for Colin Farrell. After the Recruit I knew this kid was going somewhere, and then after viewing Minority Report how can you ignore this kid. He's an actor round and round. In this trip we get a introduction to someone I'd want to put a bullet in their head, a selfish PR man who uses every person in his path in order to get what he wants. However the person he has on the other end of the line shortly hangs that. My respect for Keifer Sutherland continues to grow and grow. His role in 24 has more than my attention, it has me by the soul. His acting even though only on screen in this movie for all of about 20 seconds is golden. He has the bad guy bit down and I'd hate to be on the other side of the phone with him. In yet another side role played by an actress who didn't need to be there......Katie Holmes plays his "mistress in waiting" and yet is a totally useless role. She is her usual perfect hot self, however this role doesn't require it, nor does it have screen time. His wife is played by someone I don't recognize who should have had someone known in it, however that's unimportant. Both Farrell and Sutherland make this movie, Forest Whitaker plays an important role as the policeman in charge and he's his usual Oscar winning self.