Playing God


Power to heal. Power to kill. Hell to pay.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 7 Beers

"Are you going to kill me?", "are you afraid of me?", "Just trying to plan my day."  X-files ex- Mulder plays these lines like a 5th grader on stage for the class project.   Timothy Hutton delivers his lines like a refrigerator with no juice.  Yet the non-Acting quality that David Duchovny spreads evenly like cream cheese on a warm bagel doesn't wear thin.  Granted the majority that this movie receives this high of an award is because of the always flawless performance of Angelina Jolie.   The real throwdown of this movie is an American gangster loses face, can't deliver, bitch dies, hero is in love with bitch, fakes her death, gets girl in the end.....I'm sorry if I ruined this movie for you, why the fuck do you read a drunk man's reviews anyways.