Point Break


100% Pure Adrenaline.


review by  Darth Buzz

Picture: 8

Sound: 6

Menus/Extras: 5

Overall: 7

Notes: Nice anamorphic widescreen picture with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  The film really looks the way it should for a film of its age.  The sound wasn't craptacular but it didn't rock either.  The sound just doesn't have the same kick that newer films have.  As far a supplements go there's nothing here that gets my balls wet.

Darth Buzz


When you look at a film like Point Break and see the tour de force acting powerhouses that are Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves one automatically thinks "deep."  The two characters Bodhi and Johnny Utah are about as deep as a kid's wading pool.  These are two dumbasses that have nothing better to do than knock cocks and see who's the bigger retard.   I can just see James Cameron the executive producer watching this thing and thinking, "I'm on top of the world!"  The plot of this film is totally silly.  Some kind of Zen nonsense mixed with adrenaline junkies.  Like I said, "deep." 

On the bright side this isn't Shakespeare, it's action, and it does that fairly well.  For a bonus kicker there is some interesting cinematography with the surfing and sky diving scenes and overall it is slickly produced.

Drunken Master

Johnny Utah and Johnny Mnemonic meat Bill and Ted while focusing on a Lethal Weapon.  What the fuck were the casting agents thinking when they reigned in Gary Busey, Patrick Swayze, and Lori Petty?   Then you add Neo to the mix?   No I can't do that.......but it happened.   Point Break was the result.  Surfs up.........the dead Presidents.....ummmm help me contain my drunkenness?  Hey Shitheap Steve what color is the door?   Oh Johnny, you're so cool in so many different colors.  Superdave the Chinchilla says this movie rocks and that the director rocks because of Near Dark.   But she also did that shit heap Strange Days which unleashed that Lewis bitch that has caused me to enjoy thousands of dollars of mental therapy.   Have I really said a fucking thing about this movie.....I would re-read my comments by my fingers are doing the yellow pages browsing and my eyes aren't focusing like they did ten years ago.  Ok RC get your ghost dog recorder out now for society and tell my I'm not genius.   There was this fucking Lexus fucking driving bitch who today was driving parelelelelelell to me me on the highway who happened to be what I think was starring at me.   Me being in a bad mood flipped her off while mouth the words "Fuck you bitch"   She then quickly slowed down and did not get off on my exit.....I bring it to you......was I wrong in my finger flicking actions?   Personally I would say no, as a matter of fact I think I should have followed her home and done a dance on her hood while I let a steamer go and screamed "Eat my shit bitch!"   But I get ahead of myself.