Resident Evil


A secret experiment. A deadly virus. A fatal mistake.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 4 Beers

Video games. Can't live without em.....but can you make a movie out of them? Yes, as a matter of fucking drunken mother fucking you can. Throw Milla Jovavich and Michelle Rodriguez in there and Whoooooo doooggy! "Bitch ain't standing now." What we have here is a fine example of video madness.......let Marilyn Manson have a sayso in the soundtrack, and let zombies munch a bunch and what you have here is a recipe for success. I's digging this shit and I would come back for seconds thirds and the square root times Ghost Dog's waist size. Suck it down.

Darth Buzz


I expected to get pummeled... but I didn't.  The director kept interesting images floating across the screen.  (The most interesting of which was Milla Jovovich.  Wooot!)  There was small homage to  Night of the Living Dead, tasty babes, and as Mr. Master pointed out, an interesting score from Marilyn Manson.  This was no work of art but it was fun to watch.  Not bad.

p.s. -- I never liked any of the Resident Evil video games.  Lame ass pre-rendered backgrounds with 3d characters and enemies.  GAY!